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Mailbox Pen Case

A retirement gift for Sgt. Kenneth J Schaefer, U.S.M.C

 Mailbox Pen Case

My father in law, Kenny, joined the marines in his late teens in the early 80’s. afterwards he moved back to queens started his career as a letter carrier, delivering mail in Jamaica, NY. After a few years of things getting worse in his route, and he requested a transfer. He finally got the transfer and he himself moved to a hotel in the Allentown area to live there and work while he found a house for his family. he eventually found a house after several months, and has been living there with his wife, Linda, and raised three girls there. after nearly 3 decades of delivering letters, he finally turned in his towel. below is a gift he received made by us.

one slab of poplar that was given to me by my uncle, who is a carpenter, currently overseeing a crew restoring a bridge in a town about 20 miles from us. He have me some Poplar 4x4 slabs and some mahogany 4x4 slabs. I know there is heartwood and sapwood in these pieces, but ou gotta use what you have. i did use general finished pre stain conditioner to level out the blue and red dye. It did work pretty well.

Here you see the Mohagany and the poplar cut and pre-glued.

The three pieces glued and sanded down.

the bottom and the back glued at 90 degrees.

Plans change. Originally the idea was to make it just out of poplar, but i knew i could make it a little more creative.

Glueing and clamping of the three pieces.

the one piece with the middle cut out.

finialized product.