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Wine Bottle Stopper's

Wine Bottle Stoppers

 No Wine Bottle Stopper will be the same, each product is unique to each buyer. Creation could between 1 and 5 business days depending on how busy the shop is. Message me for more information.

These beautifully handcrafted wooden wine bottle stoppers are made with highly characterized wood for a very roomy and warm feeling while you preserve your wine. These pieces have large grips and will sit in your hands very nicely. They were turned (made) to perfection with proper grooves for comfort and grip on a Delta Lathe using a High Speed Steel chisel and a scraper. They are then sanded down to 1500 grit, and finished with Aussie Oil which is a friction oil that adds a hard protective layer on the outside while adding color depth to the grain and allowing the texture of the grain to still be felt by the users hands through the hard layer.

All Valenzawood Wine bottle stoppers have a spherical top for palm comfort, followed buy a square ended gripper, and finally two lumps. The two lumps provide a smooth grips for comfortable removal of stopper and the square edge provided less comfortable but allows for an easier removal of the stopper. All Valenzawood wine bottle stoppers are interchangeable.
allowing different style stoppers and interchangeable wood. They are made with meticulousness and elegance in the basement of our home in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.


Wine bottle Stopper

Black walnut

Wine Bottle Stopper

African mahogany

Wine Bottle Stopper

Red Palm Wood

Wine Bottle Stopper


Wine Biottle Stopper

Bocote wood

wine bottle Stopper


Wine Bottle Stopper