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I am not rich by any means. I work 55 hours a week and weekends whenever they need me. I own a old minivan that was used for transportation of people for 10 years, and another old minivan that used to transport prescriptions for 5 years. Woodworking can get expensive, but in my opinion, its not about the tools you have, or how much you spend on them, its about building something from nothing. Your way, not my way. Whether you work with wood 55 hours a week, or 5 hours a week, you are doing what you love, through the mistakes and the completed jobs. Its doesn matter if you have the brand new $3,000 grizzly 20” planner, or the $300 Wen 12” planer. If you work enough with a tool, you get to know the tool and in a non-materialistic way, love the tool. Well, I love my tools…at least the ones I bought.

Now I have only bough a very few brand new tools. 99% of all my tools were either cheap tools bought new say at Harbor Freight or Amazon, or used. All of the big tools I have have ALL been bought used. I am pretty lucky to be a human that is very handy. If I am every in the market for a large tool, I start by checking FB marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and Flea Markets and occasionally thrift stores. But mostly phone apps. I’ll spend at LEAST a week going through adds looking for the lowest price, and if I find one that tickles my funny bone, i will do reseArch on it…. google searches, YouTube and reddit to find anything I can about the model in question, including all the parts that come with it and what they do prices paid by other people and why those prices were paid. Then once I find the one I want, or what parts or tasks that the model can do, I will look for these in future models going forward. I could spend 6 months looking for the right piece and the right price. One thing I learned it to NEVER get excited about any one tool before you get it from a used site. To many unknowns exist. To many reasons for you to get pissed off about not wanting to get it. IF IT WAS MEANT TO BE, THEN IT WAS MEANT TO BE. Do not try and make the tool meant to be. If you add value to the tools, then subliminally you will be willing to pay more money. These tools served a very specific purpose for me, and I could not find them used anywhere.